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Recipe AlpacaTrio sweater

Recipe AlpacaTrio sweater

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Recipe for AlpacaTrio sweater

The AlpacaTrio jumper is an easy jumper to knit, with straight stitches (only a few rounds of purl stitches on the purl) and garter stitch on the sleeve and the yoke. The yarn used in the sweater here is two threads ISAGER TRIO and one thread ISAGER Alpaca 1

For information! Before ordering the recipe, please read how to get it to your account. See more info under orange writing at the bottom here. You create an account via the online store.


ISAGER Alpaca 1 (100% alpaca, 400 meters per 50 grams) and ISAGER Trio (50% linen, 30% cotton, 20% bamboo, 375 meters per 50 grams)

Size small/medium 450 grams, 150 grams ISAGER Alpaca 1 and 300 grams ISAGER Trio

Size large 550 grams, 200 grams ISAGER Alpaca 1 and 350 grams ISAGER Trio

Size x-large 550 grams, 200 grams ISAGER Alpaca1 and 350 grams ISAGER Trio

Indicative pin size: 4 mm 80 cm circular needle





Chest width/Upper width

About 106 cm

About 114 cm

About 126 cm

Width at the bottom

About 120 cm

About 128 cm

About 136 cm


About 58 cm

About 60 cm

About 62 cm

Knitting strength: approx 19 stitches * 28 needles with two threads TRIO and one thread Alpaca 1 on needle no. 4 mm - approx. 10 cm *10 cm.

Garter stitch the support piece 17 sts * 40 rows = 10 cm on needles 4 mm. Needle numbers are only indicative, use the one that suits the knitting strength.

Knitting info! The pin size is a guide only. Make a knitting test first, to see your knitting firmness. If you knit tighter than the stated knitting strength, change to half a needle size larger. If you knit looser than the stated knitting tension, go down half a needle size. This is crucial for the result of the sweater in relation to the stated measurements in the recipe. If you knit so that the knitting strength is with more stitches than stated, the sweater will be narrower than the stated measurements. It will then also be shorter on the sleeve. The opposite if you knit with fewer stitches than the specified knitting tension. You knit the AlpacaTrio sweater in the round on circular needle, but you must knit back and forth when dividing the sleeve. Then you knit the sleeve, the front piece/back piece and the sleeve in garter stitch. The sleeve is not quite full length. You knit with three threads all the time. Two strands of ISAGER Trio and one strand of ISAGER Alpaca 1. The knitting technique with garter stitch on the body piece and the sleeve means that the length of the jumper and the sleeve will mean something.

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